Need a Hot Man?

I'm, Howard Sperm...

I like to work out to keep fit. I am a great cook! I have a cat and a hamster to keep me company, but I would prefer to be with you! I like to listen and love to cuddle!

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Need a Hot Man?

I'm, Huge Jackman...

After I got my first tattoo, I had to get more! But you won't see my first one in this picture! I come from a very diverse family background and beleive that everyone has value!

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Need a Hot Man?

I'm, William Hung...

I have a thirst for knowledge and currently am working towards a master's degree in Veterinary Medicine. But I'm more interested in what you do!

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Need a Hot Man?

I'm Chris P. Bacon...
My friends and I want to Welcome You to our site!

I might look tough, but really I am just a big teddy bear! We are all here to make sure you have the best "date" possible and that you get the full package!

We are here for you!

Our selection of men are second to none and will not be found anywhere else! We don't discriminate, all are welcome to ask us out on a "date" and we will never say no!

Just let us know what your dream encounter is and your wish shall be our command!

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If you want more than just one evening, like a vacation or maybe a bit more? We can make that happen, remember, it is all about you!

No Limits!

I have friend's all over the country and have someone close to you that could fit your specific needs, all you have to do is ask!

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