The Short story
"I want to cuddle up with you!" - Jared
The Short Story
"I want to find love!" - Micheal
The Short Story
"I want what others have... Love!" - Zack
The Short Story
"I just want to make you happy!" - Cody
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Check out of Frequently Asked Questions!

Many Full Packages to Choose From!

All of our men are available for a wide range of services to handle all of your needs!

When you arrange a meeting we can either:

  • Come to you at your house, office or hotel room (outcall).
  • Or you can come to one of us at our residence (incall).


  • A Few Hours.
  • An Entire Night.
  • A Holiday.
    (*additional fee may be applied)
  • A Weekend.
  • A Whole Week.
  • An Entire Month.
  • Or Custom Just for You!

We offer:

  • A Perfect "Date".
  • The "Boyfriend" Experience.
  • "You're Hotter Than My Ex!" Experience.
  • "I Just Want to Talk!" Experience.
  • The Class Reunion Experience.
    (Also known as: "Are You Jealous?")
  • Create your own experience!


All prices are based on services requested, some additional fees may be applied. All meals and travel are the responsibility of the client for the duration of the "date".

Rates Start At A Low $14.00!

*All legal fees, if any, will be the responsibility of the client.

**Any "accidental" sexual acts must be while not on the "date" and are NOT the responsibility of, Inc. or it's parent company!

The Next Step...

Take a look at our collection of HOT, YOUNG men ready for you!